It is the Year of the Sword, only seven years after the Deities were hurled from their home planes and walked Faerûn. Men and monster alike had to come to grips with the new powers that arose during this Time of Troubles.

The world of Toril is old. The land was dominated by the elves over 20,000 years ago. Around 16,000 years ago dwarves, humans, and orcs found their way to the world, thanks to interventions of powerful beings, gods, and other supernatural acts. Massive cities have risen and fallen, along with grand empires built by various races. Cataclysmic events reshape the land, and many strange and powerful creatures inhabit the dark places of the world.

The lawless Dragon Coast is home to just about every civilized creature you could find, as many run from their pasts or try to build a better future. A popular saying is "anything goes on the dragon coast" and everyone has their price. Populated by independent city-states, trade dominates this land despite being so close to the Pirate Isles. The campaign begins in the small village of Gladeview within the Gulthmere Forest.

The Dragon Coast: A Forgotten Realms Tale

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